The chronicles of life and death - and everything between

I guess i should do this for myself, but. I am just too damn lazy. and mostly my entries seem to focus on negative aggravating things, rather than positive. maybe that means i just have alot of crap always going on? lol. either way..

-im still married. the past year, was a rough year.
-moving to smithfield, we got us a great (after we fixed it up) apartment at an awesome price. its SO cute now.
- i have a real "grown-up" job. I work for a water engineering company in providence, Wright-Pierce. You wouldnt have heard of it unless you work in a sewer, lol.. Most of the time I just sit online and browse lolcats, but slowly im learning, and capable of doing important things.. nice people, good benefits. ya know.. better than fucking retail. *barf*
- ive lost alot. including friends. but, im not sad about it

i like going back through my livejournal to the past 5 or 6 even 7 years. i used to LIVE on this thing. before it was cool, and before it got old. i realize im a completely (in some ways) different person than i am now. and i think thats mostly good. i also think i was so retarded lol. im sure some of you agree. theres stuff i want to delete when i read it, but, that would alllmost be like trying to erase history, ya know? maybe im way to deep for an online journal, but i havent been deep about anything lately.

i like country music, and techno. theyre my favorites.

i had to put rufio to sleep. you know, i think that was the last time i wrote in here.. maybe. i guess i turn to my livejournal in boredom, sadness and frusteration lol.

i hope someone reads their friends page and goes WHOA. noone else really writes in their journal either - so i have nothing to be nosy about, therefore forcing me to stalk their myspace/facebooks.

i want a rat terrier. a super small cute one... cause i need more pets.

oh well. until 9 months from now when something dramatic happens, lol....

<3 holly jean.

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man - this is now how i pictured 26..

2008 has been nothing but a disapointment... a big jumbled messy confusing disapointment. i cant deal. well, i can, suprisingly..

oh well. i guess i just needed to get it out, lightly. and at least here i can. you dont have to read it if you dont want to.. right? right.

i hope you all still like me. cause i like you.


I had to put my bestest friend to sleep today. Anyone who knows me, knows about my damn ferret farm, and how much I loooove them. Well, old grandpa Rufio got really sick, and it was defintely in his best interest to put him down peacefully. It was/is the saddest hardest thing i've ever had to do - and I dont care how pathetic that might sound. I love that ferret and think hes WAY cooler than about 94 percent of people i've met in real life... So, today is a sad day.

I miss him :(

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i have a new car. a mustang convertible. i love it..
i got a kitten. pharrah - shes a pain in the fucking ass, but adorable. lol.
um, im still working for tomtom, i love my job, its so awesome/easy/fun.
i still have my ferrets. rufios really old now, going on 8. i think hes sick. and blind/deaf.. poor elder man.
*thinking* hmm. theres not much else to write? everythings good.. work, finishing school (last term before internship THANK GOD) drinkin beers, ya know..

hope everyones good :)

HAYY. long time no write. I knew it would happen.

WELL - Me and Josh have an apartment in Burrillville, we've been here a while. The new job helped out with alot of moving out and bill stuff, which is good. We went to Chicago for 10 days at the end of June with Missy and Ryan, and that was alot of fun. We had a good time. I just went camping with Missy for 4 days - it poured. That sucked. Um.. Alot of the same old crap. Work is good, busy - I feel important. I have business cards, haha. Im proud of myself for getting a REAL, super paying, important job. It took me damn long enough. I just couldnt waste away at TRU any longer. It kills you, it really does. 9 dollars an hour dosent get you very far either, lol.

Basically I just wanted to keep this thing alive, theres usually not alot going on worth talking about, but. maybe ill put some more effort in. Its interesting to go back and read later on.

Hope everyone is doing well :)


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holy crapola. long time no post.

well.. i hate school. i barely go. no i never go lol. which is lame of me, because 1) i pay for it, and 2) i finish in september. i blew this term though and im gonna have to retake a few classes, along with internship and the rest of the classes i need. no way im finishing by september. i got a new job, which is part of my time consumption. i work full time for actionlink now (the panasonic weekend job thing i was doing) but now i work for tomtom through them, and im a storefront area manager for the boston area, aka: i spend my life in my effin' car on 93, lol. they gave me a GO910, which until just recently was like an 800 dollar GPS, pretty rad.

besides that, everything else is the same. hanging out partyin with my pals, playing with my ferrets, lol. ya know. desperately awaiting summertime, or even at least spring. trying to keep in touch with old friends, keep busy.. yah, all the same crap. lol.

OH.. like 3 weeks ago i met good charlotte.. thats pretty interesting news. well, at least on my end lol

hotness... they were really rushed though, didnt seem much like they wanted to be there. whatta gonna do, lol..

well.. until next time (which could be a while away)... hope all is well

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allo! long time no write. im sitting in school and i figured id update this badboy. sort of.

well, yesterday i got my teeth fixed, somewhat, lol. a tooth in the top back like chipped? or something, and omfg. it hurt soo bad. i needed it OUT. well having no dental insurance is always fun and i had to go like, 34 places til i thought of a place in pawtucket that has payment plans. yah. i needed to spend a certain amount (dont ask) to be able to get payment plans, so.. i wound up pulling 2 teeth, getting a cleaning, and bleaching my teeth. the payment plan is actually decent. 27 bucks a month, no interest and stuff, which is good. i almost crapped myself when i saw the list of things the dentist brought to me of things i needed done. like, 11 grand worth of work. bridges, crowns, and veneers lol. i think that dentist is in it for the money (duh) more than anything. when he came in, the first thing he said was "do you like these front teeth here" im like, well. theyre crowded at top and spacing out at the bottom (the obvious) and hes like well, we'll put some veneers on those things right away, it will be great. im like uh dude. hello. i have like 2 painful rotten teeth that should probably come out first and i dont have 4 grand. what a moron. alot of his assistants were like, 19 year old spanish girls. they werent the most amazing dentist ive ever been to, but. i got what i needed done. thank god. i kept my little list and once my dental insurance through joshua kicks in, ill work on all the other fun (painful) stuff.

my wedding reception is in like, a week and a half away. im so excited. a big party with all my friends and family in one room. HAHA.. should be interesting. we'll see.

i got a new (old) car. i havent been to TRU so noone probably knows. lol. i got a saturn, the kia shit the bed again! the same thing dude. stupid engine. SO. i got a good deal on this girl. shes a 98 and i effin' love it.. i know its nothing amazing, but its doing what it needs to do.

my familys coming up in like.. 6 days? i miss my grandparents soo much. i havent seen them since last september. so sad. theyll be here for like, 2 weeks. im so happy. i wanna try to spend as much time with them as possible. <3

well, im still alive everyone. sorry i dont write here. but, i guess i write here mostly for myself to go and look back at (and im doing an awful job at it)

until next time

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hmm. havent updated in a while.

im married now. its been almost a month. awww. <3

im in my 2nd term of school. which is hard. i got like 4 heavy duty classes going on. anatomy 2, critical thinking, stupid lame english comp, and accounting. *lame* and homework every night, in every class.

my car died, again. every summer, i apparantly have awful luck with cars lol i think shes finally finished. whats going to happen next? not sure. josh says he'll give me his car and just get something else, something cheap, but, i dont really think thats fair. i should go get a used car, just something to last me til im out of school.. (september 2007, ugh) for now, its back to "can you give me a ride???" and lame shit like that. we'll see.

my reception is soon. i cant wait. big party to celebrate for me! haha. and i get to wear my dress again. its fun being all dressed up and stuff like that. i felt like a princess <3

so.. im gonna study for anatomy. until next post, i hope all is well..

hollibomb finlay.

for a real freaking update lol. ive been slacking bigtime, and i know im gonna go and look back, and be pissed cause i havent written anything about whats going on.. i love reminiscing.

SO... countdown, 25 days, and im going to be married. holy crap! lol. its exciting.. at first, i felt like i had soo much time, for everything, and now that its so close, im like, the past 10 months have flown by. most of the basic wedding arrangements are all set, for down in jamaica. were getting married on the beach, at 4pm. joshs parents, his sister and her bf, his aunt and 3 kids will be attending. everyone in my family is too poor, or old (grandparents, lol) they never fly, and its hot and stuff down there. but i did get permission to make sure they wouldnt be devistated if i was to be married and they werent there. though it does make me sad. SO.. thats that... invites are FINALLY DONE!!! omg. they were the most annoying pain in the ass things ever. christ. now im just in the process of getting last minute addresses and stuffing the stamps on everything and theyre gonna be ready to go. ill probably mail them out the thursday or friday before i leave. exciting ♥

recpetion wise. i need a damn cake. and favors. but i think i have them narrowed down. i decided on centerpiece ideas, for the most part, the other day. with help of Jen B. *THANKS* haha, well more like thanks to her friend, whos idea i stole from Jen telling me LOL.. im so gay.

oh AND... I bought a dress. like, a real wedding gown. and im SOO glad i did. its so confusing. at first, i told people i wasnt, and theyre like, you know thats ok, youll be on the beach, no veil blah blah. then one day i was like. so upset, im like "i dont not want a gown" so spur of the moment, i went and got a gown. SO fn cute. simple, but a real wedding dress. i feel like a princess, lol. i love dressing up.. and now everyones like "oh im glad you got a dress, and you need a veil" im like, wtf, why didnt you people tell me this before? lol. i cant make up my own mind on ANYTHING relating to this dumb wedding. it sucks. i need help, sorry lol. but.. the hardest stuff has pretty much passed. *phew*

school wise i dont think ive EVER written. i like it. i have 3 classes, which end (thank god) right before i leave for jamaica (the 24th) anatomy, office applications and public speaking *UGHGHG* lol. i hate public speaking. i hate talking in front of everyone. im having such a hard time with our final too. i need a persuasive paper idea. something i can talk about, just off my mind, for 5 minutes.. im going with gay-marriage... PRO gay marriage. its something that i feel opinionated on, and can talk about and have enough to say. HOPEFULLY. i get so bumbly and stumbly and "uhhh" in front of everyone. im usually so talkative and loud and a dork, and its so hard up there, i dont fn get it.

office apps - duh, easy. i can fn type. and anatomy, as long as i study some, is pretty good. ive gotten like 5 100's on tests. i love it ♥

i wish i started this so long ago. im broke, cause toys r us is GAY. and i never get hours... and i have actionlink, which is just starting to pick up again. when stupid quyen was my boss, and not ryan, he totally jerked me over and i had no work. then ryan comes along and i have work. how does that happen? apparanly, quyen hates me. that seems to be the trend with managers wherever i go lol.

im going to atlanta the 12-14th for actionlink. i hate flying. ughghghg. ill be with ryan though. hopefully we can sit toghether lol. were gonna be trained on tom-toms and toshiba (which i know noooothing about, im more into cameras) this place is gonna be chock full of effin' nerds lol. hopefully we can go out one night and kinda walk around, and sight-see a little. yes, i said sight see lol. ive never been in Atlanta, so it will be different. maybe ill come home with some grillz. :B

anyways.. so yeah. thats everything so far. wedding stuff, school stuff, shitty work stuff.. the weathers been nice, summer is finally on its way!

hopefully ill write before i leave. and defintely after. with some posted pictures.

OOOO, bachelorette party on june 10th, THOSE pictures will probably have to be posted as well, hahaha.. if things go the way they should; it will be fucking awesome.. amy-o, can you let me know if you wanna go chick???

for now..


long time, havent done this in a while..
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you have to look up the peter pan complex thing... sadly, it is SO me...


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