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for a real freaking update lol. ive been slacking bigtime, and i know im gonna go and look back, and be pissed cause i havent written anything about whats going on.. i love reminiscing.

SO... countdown, 25 days, and im going to be married. holy crap! lol. its exciting.. at first, i felt like i had soo much time, for everything, and now that its so close, im like, the past 10 months have flown by. most of the basic wedding arrangements are all set, for down in jamaica. were getting married on the beach, at 4pm. joshs parents, his sister and her bf, his aunt and 3 kids will be attending. everyone in my family is too poor, or old (grandparents, lol) they never fly, and its hot and stuff down there. but i did get permission to make sure they wouldnt be devistated if i was to be married and they werent there. though it does make me sad. SO.. thats that... invites are FINALLY DONE!!! omg. they were the most annoying pain in the ass things ever. christ. now im just in the process of getting last minute addresses and stuffing the stamps on everything and theyre gonna be ready to go. ill probably mail them out the thursday or friday before i leave. exciting ♥

recpetion wise. i need a damn cake. and favors. but i think i have them narrowed down. i decided on centerpiece ideas, for the most part, the other day. with help of Jen B. *THANKS* haha, well more like thanks to her friend, whos idea i stole from Jen telling me LOL.. im so gay.

oh AND... I bought a dress. like, a real wedding gown. and im SOO glad i did. its so confusing. at first, i told people i wasnt, and theyre like, you know thats ok, youll be on the beach, no veil blah blah. then one day i was like. so upset, im like "i dont not want a gown" so spur of the moment, i went and got a gown. SO fn cute. simple, but a real wedding dress. i feel like a princess, lol. i love dressing up.. and now everyones like "oh im glad you got a dress, and you need a veil" im like, wtf, why didnt you people tell me this before? lol. i cant make up my own mind on ANYTHING relating to this dumb wedding. it sucks. i need help, sorry lol. but.. the hardest stuff has pretty much passed. *phew*

school wise i dont think ive EVER written. i like it. i have 3 classes, which end (thank god) right before i leave for jamaica (the 24th) anatomy, office applications and public speaking *UGHGHG* lol. i hate public speaking. i hate talking in front of everyone. im having such a hard time with our final too. i need a persuasive paper idea. something i can talk about, just off my mind, for 5 minutes.. im going with gay-marriage... PRO gay marriage. its something that i feel opinionated on, and can talk about and have enough to say. HOPEFULLY. i get so bumbly and stumbly and "uhhh" in front of everyone. im usually so talkative and loud and a dork, and its so hard up there, i dont fn get it.

office apps - duh, easy. i can fn type. and anatomy, as long as i study some, is pretty good. ive gotten like 5 100's on tests. i love it ♥

i wish i started this so long ago. im broke, cause toys r us is GAY. and i never get hours... and i have actionlink, which is just starting to pick up again. when stupid quyen was my boss, and not ryan, he totally jerked me over and i had no work. then ryan comes along and i have work. how does that happen? apparanly, quyen hates me. that seems to be the trend with managers wherever i go lol.

im going to atlanta the 12-14th for actionlink. i hate flying. ughghghg. ill be with ryan though. hopefully we can sit toghether lol. were gonna be trained on tom-toms and toshiba (which i know noooothing about, im more into cameras) this place is gonna be chock full of effin' nerds lol. hopefully we can go out one night and kinda walk around, and sight-see a little. yes, i said sight see lol. ive never been in Atlanta, so it will be different. maybe ill come home with some grillz. :B

anyways.. so yeah. thats everything so far. wedding stuff, school stuff, shitty work stuff.. the weathers been nice, summer is finally on its way!

hopefully ill write before i leave. and defintely after. with some posted pictures.

OOOO, bachelorette party on june 10th, THOSE pictures will probably have to be posted as well, hahaha.. if things go the way they should; it will be fucking awesome.. amy-o, can you let me know if you wanna go chick???

for now..



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