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hmm. havent updated in a while.

im married now. its been almost a month. awww. <3

im in my 2nd term of school. which is hard. i got like 4 heavy duty classes going on. anatomy 2, critical thinking, stupid lame english comp, and accounting. *lame* and homework every night, in every class.

my car died, again. every summer, i apparantly have awful luck with cars lol i think shes finally finished. whats going to happen next? not sure. josh says he'll give me his car and just get something else, something cheap, but, i dont really think thats fair. i should go get a used car, just something to last me til im out of school.. (september 2007, ugh) for now, its back to "can you give me a ride???" and lame shit like that. we'll see.

my reception is soon. i cant wait. big party to celebrate for me! haha. and i get to wear my dress again. its fun being all dressed up and stuff like that. i felt like a princess <3

so.. im gonna study for anatomy. until next post, i hope all is well..

hollibomb finlay.


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