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allo! long time no write. im sitting in school and i figured id update this badboy. sort of.

well, yesterday i got my teeth fixed, somewhat, lol. a tooth in the top back like chipped? or something, and omfg. it hurt soo bad. i needed it OUT. well having no dental insurance is always fun and i had to go like, 34 places til i thought of a place in pawtucket that has payment plans. yah. i needed to spend a certain amount (dont ask) to be able to get payment plans, so.. i wound up pulling 2 teeth, getting a cleaning, and bleaching my teeth. the payment plan is actually decent. 27 bucks a month, no interest and stuff, which is good. i almost crapped myself when i saw the list of things the dentist brought to me of things i needed done. like, 11 grand worth of work. bridges, crowns, and veneers lol. i think that dentist is in it for the money (duh) more than anything. when he came in, the first thing he said was "do you like these front teeth here" im like, well. theyre crowded at top and spacing out at the bottom (the obvious) and hes like well, we'll put some veneers on those things right away, it will be great. im like uh dude. hello. i have like 2 painful rotten teeth that should probably come out first and i dont have 4 grand. what a moron. alot of his assistants were like, 19 year old spanish girls. they werent the most amazing dentist ive ever been to, but. i got what i needed done. thank god. i kept my little list and once my dental insurance through joshua kicks in, ill work on all the other fun (painful) stuff.

my wedding reception is in like, a week and a half away. im so excited. a big party with all my friends and family in one room. HAHA.. should be interesting. we'll see.

i got a new (old) car. i havent been to TRU so noone probably knows. lol. i got a saturn, the kia shit the bed again! the same thing dude. stupid engine. SO. i got a good deal on this girl. shes a 98 and i effin' love it.. i know its nothing amazing, but its doing what it needs to do.

my familys coming up in like.. 6 days? i miss my grandparents soo much. i havent seen them since last september. so sad. theyll be here for like, 2 weeks. im so happy. i wanna try to spend as much time with them as possible. <3

well, im still alive everyone. sorry i dont write here. but, i guess i write here mostly for myself to go and look back at (and im doing an awful job at it)

until next time


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