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holy crapola. long time no post.

well.. i hate school. i barely go. no i never go lol. which is lame of me, because 1) i pay for it, and 2) i finish in september. i blew this term though and im gonna have to retake a few classes, along with internship and the rest of the classes i need. no way im finishing by september. i got a new job, which is part of my time consumption. i work full time for actionlink now (the panasonic weekend job thing i was doing) but now i work for tomtom through them, and im a storefront area manager for the boston area, aka: i spend my life in my effin' car on 93, lol. they gave me a GO910, which until just recently was like an 800 dollar GPS, pretty rad.

besides that, everything else is the same. hanging out partyin with my pals, playing with my ferrets, lol. ya know. desperately awaiting summertime, or even at least spring. trying to keep in touch with old friends, keep busy.. yah, all the same crap. lol.

OH.. like 3 weeks ago i met good charlotte.. thats pretty interesting news. well, at least on my end lol

hotness... they were really rushed though, didnt seem much like they wanted to be there. whatta gonna do, lol..

well.. until next time (which could be a while away)... hope all is well


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