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HAYY. long time no write. I knew it would happen.

WELL - Me and Josh have an apartment in Burrillville, we've been here a while. The new job helped out with alot of moving out and bill stuff, which is good. We went to Chicago for 10 days at the end of June with Missy and Ryan, and that was alot of fun. We had a good time. I just went camping with Missy for 4 days - it poured. That sucked. Um.. Alot of the same old crap. Work is good, busy - I feel important. I have business cards, haha. Im proud of myself for getting a REAL, super paying, important job. It took me damn long enough. I just couldnt waste away at TRU any longer. It kills you, it really does. 9 dollars an hour dosent get you very far either, lol.

Basically I just wanted to keep this thing alive, theres usually not alot going on worth talking about, but. maybe ill put some more effort in. Its interesting to go back and read later on.

Hope everyone is doing well :)



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