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I guess i should do this for myself, but. I am just too damn lazy. and mostly my entries seem to focus on negative aggravating things, rather than positive. maybe that means i just have alot of crap always going on? lol. either way..

-im still married. the past year, was a rough year.
-moving to smithfield, we got us a great (after we fixed it up) apartment at an awesome price. its SO cute now.
- i have a real "grown-up" job. I work for a water engineering company in providence, Wright-Pierce. You wouldnt have heard of it unless you work in a sewer, lol.. Most of the time I just sit online and browse lolcats, but slowly im learning, and capable of doing important things.. nice people, good benefits. ya know.. better than fucking retail. *barf*
- ive lost alot. including friends. but, im not sad about it

i like going back through my livejournal to the past 5 or 6 even 7 years. i used to LIVE on this thing. before it was cool, and before it got old. i realize im a completely (in some ways) different person than i am now. and i think thats mostly good. i also think i was so retarded lol. im sure some of you agree. theres stuff i want to delete when i read it, but, that would alllmost be like trying to erase history, ya know? maybe im way to deep for an online journal, but i havent been deep about anything lately.

i like country music, and techno. theyre my favorites.

i had to put rufio to sleep. you know, i think that was the last time i wrote in here.. maybe. i guess i turn to my livejournal in boredom, sadness and frusteration lol.

i hope someone reads their friends page and goes WHOA. noone else really writes in their journal either - so i have nothing to be nosy about, therefore forcing me to stalk their myspace/facebooks.

i want a rat terrier. a super small cute one... cause i need more pets.

oh well. until 9 months from now when something dramatic happens, lol....

<3 holly jean.


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