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its been a long time, im at school... psh reminds me of when i only updated over at ccri lol. ill have to get to writing later, just wanted to let everyone know im alive... and yesterday was my ferrets birthday :) 3 years old... anyways. ill write more when im at home...


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im drunk (semi) and tired.

and nim getting married in a few months. holy crap!

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im freaking cranky and everyones pissing me off.. and im hungry.

i like living at joshs house, i do. but i get so aggravated sometimes. like... this is lame, but whatever, lol... i like dinner. anything. i come home from school and work almost all day and dinner is like my only real meal.. if i eat before i come home, joshs mom yells (well not really) at me "whyd you eat, you knew i was cooking" so.. i dont eat. i come home. theres nothing. i hate leftovers. im sorry. ive never ever liked leftovers. im freakin picky, sorry lol.. OR i get home, and dont have work, and we wont eat dinner til like, 8 at night, cause tias working, or dad is doing something outside and not ready.. what the deuce.. they make dinner and im not home, i miss out lol and im like fuccck, im hungry. id like for them to wait for ME to come home one day for a nice warm dinner.. i know this is pety lol i just want to vent

schools going good. i dont mind it.

i have to save alot of money. for jamaica <3 and chicago.. im so poor. both my jobs suck. i wish i did this school shit a long time ago.

oh well..

c'est la vie!

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i cant sleep. typical. so i figured id write a lil something in here. for whatever reasons.

everything is like, flying by. holy crap. i started school monday, the 10th and ive just been like, running around, constantly... dont get me wrong, im glad im doing this, its way over-due.. im just like, ahhh.. worn out already. i wake up around 5:15, same time as josh, get dressed, eat and head to school around 7;05... "attend" until about 10 or 12, then head out, right to work. til about 7ish.. drive a half hour home, wash up, eat, do laundry, clean up the room, go through mail, check my email/bank account, and crash... hard into bed. im used to having like, a large portion of the day off, or night, but now im sucking up alot of time.. i miss josh. i dont see him much during the week. hes usually asleep, or vice versa when the one or the other of us comes home.. this weekends been busy too... he played poker, and had his friends bachelor party tonight. i just spent my time with missy and ryan, i dont get over there much during the week now either..

we, i, they? all of us as a group, adopted 2 new ferrets. some dude in the bargain buyer was trying to find a home for them, so i called and... im a proud parent of 5 ferrets now LOL i wish i could be around them more, it sucks that theyre at missys (espically my rufio) but... i go there as much as i can to keep them clean and play with them. and spend quality time with the bffs as well..

it hit me the other day like whoa, im getting married lol in about 2 months.. this whole thing has been such a whirlwind.. DONT get me wrong, im still excited, and have no regrets, nothing negative... its just like, i dont think i realize how big it is because im too involved in trying to make all the details and arrangements perfect. when its all said and done, and i wake up that morning, i can focus on like, that... im so crazy. so isnt josh lol... hes so great, i couldnt be happier ♥

i hate wicked pretty girls with nice boobs and cute butts... bitches.

on a last note... i miss my grandparents. i cant wait til my reception cause theyll be here for like 2 weeks. and ill have *special* time with them... makes me happy. all this time i dont see them is time i cant get back. i freakin love them so so much.


and happy easter everyone.

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i cant freaking sleep. and tonight you have to turn the clocks ahead an hour. what the deuce. and i have to work in the morning, im a mess..

i sound pathetic, but... josh is gone, in amsterdam (YES... i dont care that he went lol) and i freaking miss him sooo much. its retarded. at first, i was like.. whatever. fine. but today its funny. i was out all day, and im used to him calling being like "ill be home soon, see ya" and so forth. and im like oh duh, hes not coming home lol. or sitting here watching tv and playing online, i usually sit here half awake waiting to hear his car pull in the driveway.. yeah. its just funny. i think im sooo used to him being around, living toghether and stuff, that im like whoa, now that hes gone for like 5 days. but i like missing him. and im just like, i freaking love him so much...

but ive kept busy. cleaning EVERYTHING. closets, drawers, under the bed, curtains, sheets... spring cleaning lol.

and hanging out with missy and ryan fucking around on the *ahem* stripper pole... NO, im not a skank. im the dorkiest white girl EVER and watching me swing around and jump on this pole is like seeing a monkey hit its nuts up on a tree and fall over. serious


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so yeah its been kinda a long time, guess i can put a few minutes into updating. im tired, but i cant sleep. so lets see..

i start school in, like 2 weeks. maybe a little longer. which is great. something new, and something good for me. i just cant wait for the 18 months to fly by, and i just prey i can get a decent paying, enjoyable job out of the 20000 dollars im gonna owe the government LOL. im excited though. i actually enjoy school. and it gives me an excuse to not have to be at stupid toys r us.

tonight sucked. i hate working at nights, espically monday nights. mike freaking sucks. and theres noone there. we suprisingly had a cashier, which was amazing. i had a buttload of stuff to do back in apparel (as usual) and mike freaking, UGH... dosent leave me alone. can you clean this, can you do this, can you cover pickups, can you clean the store.. im like OK. and at like 9 o clock, im tired and ready to leave.. "hey can you pull 24 pallets" im like hahaha your kidding, right? no. he wasnt kidding. he sent mike (a boy in the back) home, then at like the last second tells ME i need to pull pallets lol im like, what the fuck? while, mind you.. still covering the last 2 pickups that came in, cleaning anything on the floor, finishing the bit of reshop, and then "checking for customers" within the store. im like dude, fu. im never working monday night again lol. i hate complaining about work, but sometimes its just impossible not to.

things besides all that are alright. i got josh, hes my best friend and fun. he goes to amsterdam next week for like 4 days? im gonna be so lonely sleeping at night :(

ive got missy and ryan... theyve had a few more parties since the last journal entry. oh wait, actually maybe one... felt like more... always good times. theyre freaking fun.

um. i dont know. thats about it. i think i have a sinus infection. i have boogers and a headache.

and i bit my lip today and it flippin hurts!

<3 holly

maybe ill try to write in here more... promise.. kinda.

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i just need to vent for a moment UGHGHGHGHGHG. i just spent another 320 dollars on my fucking car. right now thats like, 3 weeks of work lol and it was all the money i had saved in the bank for these slow work weeks yah... so joshs uncles car place is basically a rip off... theres no way a starter should cost that much. i was even looking online and the part itself was like 120, i got charged around 240 for it... i guess im keeping food on the table at their house.. i just CANNOT catch up with anything at all these days. between this fn car, all this annoying AGGRAVATING wedding shit. im going insane. seriously. the dj is gonna be like a grand, which fine, ok whatever. yeah, id like to see me be able to save up the dumb money for it.. i owe josh like 900 bucks STILL, for my laptop and brakes and alternator that went the past 3 weeks. i need a freaking drink...

besides that.. im bored out of my mind from sitting in the damn house, and noone ever does anything. this is ridiclous. i need a book to read. or some freakin' drugs.

with MUCH love.
holly jean pelletier

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hey.. just wanted to give a shoutout to melissa and ryan for throwing me the absolute most fucking fun birthday party everrrrrr, omg. lol alot of people there i didnt even know, but by the end of the night i had made like 13 new friends and people were calling me paris, hahaha... 24 is looking like its gonna be one of the best years ive had in a while, lol. it defintely started off right im excited.

thank you melissa, i love you <3

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ok so i wrote a long entry and i just lost it... so here i go again.

its my birthday. wahoo. im 24.. im getting old.

so today. i went for a massage. josh had gotten me for xmas. it was niiiice. i was driving home half asleep afterward, lol.... then i went tanning, and got my nails done. just a few things to pamper myself on my special day :) me and josh are gonna go out to eat tonight, just to a local place over here i like, nothing special... and tomorrow missy and ryan are having a big party at their house for me, yay.. its mostly ryans friends going from like circuit city (lol) but thats ok. parties are parties. as long as everyone says happy birthday :)

so i spent all day yesterday with melissa, just hanging out... we went to get her nails and eyebrows done, haha. always fun. then i helped her clean up her house, as much as we could. then we made a mess of it again making 100 jello shots and dinner... yeah so. dinner. missy was making me my favvvve, chicken parm dinner that she makes. and.... i was barfing all fn night. so i didnt get to eat. i think i had a bad batch of fries from mcdonalds earlier, and it was horrible. my stomach was in sooo much pain. i couldnt deal. ugh. so, even though i helped and anticipated the meal much, i didnt get to eat barely any of it... UGH..

now todays today and im trying to get an inhaler online without a prescription lol and its fn expensive. im probably getting ripped off giving my damn credit card number to some online drug site. but i have no choice. i need inhalers, or ill fucking die. its scary not being able to breathe, at all...

ooh, i think i found my beach wedding dress...

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thats about it.. gimme opinons and wish me happy birthday



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